Unlike submission-based design contests, this tournament is a battle format where professional designers, emerging designers and freelance designers flex their skills before a live audience. It requires competitors to rapidly perform as their computer displays their projects onto large projection screens. Competition rounds are 20-30 minutes each fast and furious. It’s a dance of visual artistry accompanied by DJ music, an MC (host) and the influence of an active audience and bartenders. Tournament features competitions in 2D, 3D, Character design Game Design, Motion/Animation design and Video Editing. In each tournament, rival designers are put in the spot-light, given a theme on which to base their designs.
Designers compete live on-stage under huge projection screens that shows exactly what they are penciling, penning, erasing, cutting and pasting. This may sound nerve-wracking, and it is but, that is exactly what makes the Digital Design Tournament so exciting.
Objective Based on the creative brief, each designer creates a single design during
their assigned 20 - 30 minute heat. Structure * 9 total competitors per city
* 1 judged round composed of 4, 20 -30 minute heats
* 3 competitors per heat
* All 9 design works judged at one time by jury
Judging Criteria The jury will evaluate each design based on the following criteria by order
of importance: * Adherence to the brief
* Strength of concept
* Originality
* Aesthetic
* Technique
Incorporation of Everyday Objects & People Competitors may bring as many mundane or everyday “non-artistic”
objects to incorporate into their designs. There is no limit to quantity
of objects. This also applies to people, however, you may bring as many "artistic or "non-artistic" friends as you'd like. They are also allowed to
wear whatever they want as long as they wear something. Note: An object is considered “artistic” if it contains a significant amount
of graphic art or photography on its surface. The Design Battle organisers reserves the right to disallow any object it deems artistic.
Equipment and Tools Designers are allowed to bring the following tools: * Digital camera with card reader or USB cable. Scanners are not allowed
in the competition.
* Video cameras, DSLRS, and other devices that record video
* Green screen and lighting setups
* Pen-based tablets or Wacoms of any size. * Art supplies including paper, sketchpads, markers, paints and other physical materials
* Fonts and typefaces that are publicly accessible. Each custom font will count as one allowed pre-made asset.
how to compete You are the rockstar
The Process
Anyone may apply to compete in the Digital Design Tournament. The best reason to participate in the tournament is to have fun, network with industry players and meet new people. Our local creative community spanning 4 cities will learn more about you and your talents. Here's how:
Anyone may apply to compete in the Digital Design Tournament. The best reason to participate in the tournament is to have fun, network with industry players and meet new people. Some of us who are not professional
designers or artists might be closeted ones. We may have given up our sketchbooks or paintbrushes when we chose our career path, but our creative instincts are not diminished. This tournament will show you what designers are doing today. If you work with designers or are creative pro in another field, you'll get a behind-the-scenes look at the decisions they make and hear what matters to them.
1. To enter the battle, click on your preferred city on the menu tab fill in entry form.
2. Check all eligibility requirements o confirm you are eligible
3. Fill in all the information required on the entry form
4. After we have received your application you will be asked to send us 3 samples of your best work.
5. All successful applicants will be invited for an informal conversation/ and meet your local city teams a day before the battle event.
1. Our Stage - Your local creative community will be there to witness. You'll be the rockstar in our video. We'll do our best to get your good side.
2. Your Music Videos - We video record your battle and Tournament design rounds and you get the chance to narrate it with music.
3. Our Website - Your profile and portfolio will be featured on our site. We all know your best is in your portfolio. :-) I’M NOT A DESIGNER - IS THIS SHOW
how to enter the tournament
Is as easy as 123, Select your preferred tournament city on the top menu bar and fill in the application form and hit submit. We will then contact you for further details/information. NATIONAL CHAMPS - OUR local STAGE Each Grand Prize winner in each city's 3 competitions will be flown to Jo’burg in 2018, to compete in our annual national Championship. What to expect: 1. Compete With The Best - Bring your best stuff to Jo’burg and see how you stack up.
2. Show Off To The Best - it's true. Jo’burg has a kickass audience. But our national audience will be watching you on this stage.
3. Network With The Best - With our studio tour, you'll get the chance to mingle with studios, agencies, and brands - your new clients. ;)
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